Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, to all the Mom's in the world.

~ All women become like their mother's.  That is their tragedy.  No man becomes like his.  That's his.  Oscar Wilde  ~

It was decided around the dinner table that I am becoming exactly like my mother.  But that is very far from a tragedy.

Nicholas and I put our cooking skills to good use to cook my mom a celebratory dinner.

Dutch oven roasted chicken.  Poulet en cocotte.

Dinner was inspired by ramps.  They are beautiful, in season, and most delicious.  We pan roasted ramps with fresh Ontario asparagus tips, and then roasted a lemon-thyme organic chicken.

I got the yellow pot from my Mom, who was cooking with it before I was born.  I love cooking with this pot.  It reminds me of how well fed I was my whole life.  It also serves to remind me of how loving and generous my family is.
We put the chicken on a bed of 1 chopped onion and two cut carrots, and stuffed the chicken full of two sliced lemons and a handful of thyme.  Naturally, a large pinch of salt and pepper.  
Dutch oven pots are mini ovens in themselves, which could forever change the way you roast a chicken.  It seals the juices in, eliminating the basting process, giving you moist meat throughout.  
We roasted it with the lid on tight, at 350 degrees for one hour and forty five minutes.  Then it must rest.  We let it rest while we ate an appetizer.  With a little glass of bubbly.  

Tiny bubbles.

Fresh Ricotta with Roasted Fruit
We started the afternoon by making fresh goat's cheese ricotta.  It's my new favourite obsession.  You take a litre of goat's milk, and heat it in a stainless steel pan until it's almost boiling, and then remove it from the heat.  Add 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, stir once and let it sit for five minutes.  Then pour it into a bowl that lined with cheese cloth.  Carefully lift the cheese cloth making a pouch, tie it up and hang it over the bowl for one hour.  Voila.  Honestly.  Simple.                                                                                                                   

We spread the fresh cheese on toast, with grapes that had been coated in coconut oil and roasted for 10 minutes minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.   Drizzle with honey and top with thyme.  

I got this appetizer recipe from Sarah Britton.  A Canadian nutritionist-vegetrain-chef, dreaming up  crazy cool ideas at Noma in Copenhagen right now... inspiring people all over the world to be more healthy.  

then we opened the wine...  a beautiful white burgundy.

Maison Roche de Bellene, Rully, Vieilles Vignes 2009 @ $17.95 a bottle = LCBO Vintages. Ohhh Burgundy, the home to the best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays in the word. 
This little selection is a white Burgundy (100% Chardonnay) made in the fantastic 2009 vintage at Maison Roche de Bellene; This is the home and base camp of legendary winemaker, Nicolas Potel
The small village were the vines are planted is called Rully. The vines are 63 years old ! Yes, These are some OLD VINES, and that is what the "VIEILLES VIGNES" translates into English.  
Older vines have lower yields and they tend to produce riper grapes with much more concentration,  creating wines that are richer and fuller. This is exactly what you get from this over-delivering Chardonnay.  Aromas of apple cinnamon, toast and pear nectar. Bone dry with loads of fruit flavours, toast and acidity that all come together in harmony. Medium-full bodied with a long, stylish finish.  
Of course, pairing well with roasted lemony thyme chicken, and ramps. Delish.

dinner is served
bon appetit  


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  1. Ricotta with roasted fruit...yum! Ashley this cheese recipe looks so simple and easy for the weekend THANK YOU for sharing it....Now only if I could have the white burgundy. Ah your blog makes my mouth water. Can't wait to not have a child dependent on my body so I can drink my worries away again!

    Thanks for sharing!